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Father's Day Cards in Español & English

When I started making greeting cards, I knew I would make some in Spanish. Growing up, I always struggled to find cards in Spanish. Even now, I might find 1-2 to choose from, but none of them are that cute or funny...

My family is from Puerto Rico. A fact I've always loved and been proud of, but unfortunately, the world hasn't always loved back. Because of that, my Spanish is actually quite bad (although I'm relearning and trying to put into practice). Thankfully, I know enough to make greeting cards in Spanish! It makes my little Latina heart happy to sprinkle more Spanish into the world, doing what I can to make it a little more diverse. I whole-heartedly believe that the world is more beautiful because we are all different and have something unique to offer.

When I got my first wholesale order, it included this card which filled my heart to the brim! I cannot wait to give this card to my dad this Father's Day - in Español! Whether you speak Spanish or not, I've got a variety of Father's Day cards to shop! Because dad's are pretty great no matter where they come from or what language they speak.

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