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3 Benefits of Wearing a Silk Scarf to Bed

I sleep in a silk headwrap to protect my curly hair but you might be wondering 'why'? How does that help your hair? And do I need curly hair to reap the benefits of sleeping on silk - no!

Sleeping on silk has many benefits and you don't necessarily need curly hair! Let's talk about all the great benefits and what sleeping in a silk scarf will do for you.

Keeps Hair Soft & Free of Tangles

I don't know about you, but I toss and turn and sleep in all kinds of weird positions, which can make for some wild bedhead in the morning. When I sleep in a protective silk headwrap, my hair slides over the silk, which means hair stays protected from breakage, which can create frizz and tangles.

Prevents Oil Buildup

Cotton absorbs moisture and grease from your hair and skin overnight, building up night after night on your pillow. Wearing a silk hair wrap encourages natural oils on your scalp to spread from root to tip, preventing oil buildup on your scalp and helping hair retain its natural moisture. A silk headwrap also will keep oils off your pillow and prevent them from transferring into your pores which can cause breakouts.

Regulates Temperature

This also might sound familiar. Do you go to bed with a bunch of blankets and then wake up full of sweat in the middle of the night? Sweat and hair do not go well together! Silk's light, breathable, airy texture wicks away moisture to keep you and your hair dry and cool.

Tip for Wild Sleepers:

These are great! But what if you're really a wild sleeper and a headscarf won't stay put on your head? There's a solution for that as well. You can also tie a silk scarf around your pillow. You'll still get all the benefits of sleeping on silk!

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