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Art Brushes Stained with Paint

Live a Life That's True to You


Hello, I'm Rachel Marie!

In the busyness of our everyday lives, it's easy to become disconnected from ourselves. After years of working in corporate marketing, I found that I had strayed far from what made me happy—making art!
So, I started Flounce & Flourish to finally put my art degree to good use and help people like you connect to things that make you happy and live a life that's true to you.

My artwork is often inspired by nature, vintage finds and my Latina roots. If you're looking for elegant finds with a whismical flair - you're in the right place!

Our Mission

Beauty is more than aesthetics. True beauty comes from living a life that’s true to ourselves. And when your home or personal style doesn’t reflect who you are, your whole world can feel out of sync.

Flounce & Flourish adds refined elegance with a dash of whimsy to everyday life and helps women express their true selves through what they wear, accessorize with, and how they decorate their homes.

The Process

Even though I started as a studio artist, almost all of my work is created digitally on my iPad. Once a design is complete, I partner with manufacturers to print my artwork on stationery, home decor and gifts. I love to pick up a paint brush every now and again, but working digitally allows me to work much faster, and experiment without using up valuable time and resources - which in turn saves you! 

Our Products

If you know me, it will come as no surprise that high-quality is a must-have. I've been called an over-achiever (which isn't wrong) and that certainly carries over into my business. 

 It is my passion (some might call it an obsession) to provide high-quality products so you're happy with each and every purchase.

Shop Our Favorites


Cards in Español

I struggle to find cute and funny cards in Spanish, so I've made my own! 

Shop Cards Now


Silk Scarves

These silk scarves have helped me embrace my curly Latina hair and my natural beauty. 

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Tote Bags

The perfect mom bag to hold all my (and my kids' stuff!)

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