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30 Letters in 30 Days for National Card & Letter Writing Month

For National Card & Letter Writing Month I've decided to go all out and have challenged myself to write 30 letters in 30 days. I know what you must be thinking, that sounds ambitious (or insane)! A letter a day?!

It doesn't really have to be one letter a day. Honestly, I don't think I'll write a letter a day for all 30 days! The purpose of the challenge is to simply reach out to friends and loved ones and send them some happy mail to make them feel loved and appreciated.

The prompts listed here are meant to inspire you to share your own heartfelt messages with family and friends. I'd love for you to join me in this 30-day challenge! Follow me on Instagram so I can see what you share and tag your posts with #30letters30days23 .

I hope this challenge helps you connect with your family and friends and form deeper connections. Enjoy!

1. Thinking of you - You don't need any special reason to send a card or letter other than a person crossing your mind. Let them know you're thinking of them and hope your letter makes them smile.

2. Celebrate your BFF - Friendship is such a special thing. Send a card to your bestie to thank them for being there when you need them the most, lending an ear, making you laugh... the list goes on and on.

3. Congratulations! - Know someone who just bought their first home, or graduated from school? Acknowledge this special milestone with a card or letter!

4. Memory lane - It could be a funny, sentimental, or embarrassing story... Take a trip down memory land and remind a loved one of a special memory you share together.

5. I'm sorry... - None of us are perfect. We're imperfect humans just trying to do our best, and inevitably we'll hurt someone's feeling at one time or another. A handwritten letter is sure to go a long way in making amends.

6. You can do hard things - Life is hard but it can feel a lot less daunting when you have someone on the sidelines cheering you on. Share some encouraging words with a friend who could use a boost.

7. Update on life - A handwritten letter can be a great excuse to reach out to a friend you haven't spoken to in a while. Let them know what you've been up to and hopefully, they'll do the same!

8. I appreciate all you do - I hope you have someone in your life that helps you out every now and then. Let them know you appreciate their support.

9. Offer your support - Know someone who's going through a hard time or needs an extra hand? People don't like to ask for help, so offer up your support and let them know you're there for them.

10. Invitation - You don't have to throw a party to send an invitation. In your letter, invite a friend out for coffee and catch up on some much-needed girl time.

11. Share a joke - They're not just for dads! Everyone can appreciate a good joke. Work a funny story or joke into your handwritten letter, good or bad, it's sure to make them smile.

12. Wise advice - We've all had to learn a lesson the hard way. Maybe if we shared those lessons with our loved ones, it could save someone from some hardships.

13. Share a story - Storytelling has been an essential part of our existence since anyone can remember. Pick a good one to share that is worth remembering long after you're gone.

14. Celebrate - There are so many occasions worthy of a celebration! A new job, birthdays, anniversaries - what will you celebrate?

15. Dream big - Going after our dreams can be scary. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement from someone we love to give us a little courage.

16. Condolences - Loss is always difficult, but it can be comforting to hear from the people in our life during those difficult times. Express your condolences to someone who could use your love and support.

17. Share a recipe - Many people express their love through food, so why not share a favorite recipe when you send a handwritten letter?

18. Welcome a new addition - Know someone who's had a new baby? Or a new dog mom? Welcome their new addition to the world!

19. Happy birthday! - This one is easy. Wish someone special a very happy birthday! Bonus: you don't have to sing in public when you send a card.

20. Wish you were here - Treating yourself to a well-deserved vacation? Send a postcard or letter to share your latest adventures with a close friend.

21. Thank a teacher - Teachers do so much for our kiddos. Whether your own kids are in school or you have a teacher in your life, thank them for all their hard work this school year.

22. Happy anniversary - This doesn't just have to be a romantic anniversary. Think about work colleagues or friends who've started a business and wish them a happy anniversary!

23. Thank you - Sending thank you cards might feel old-fashioned to some, but it just might be a welcomed surprise that will delight your recipient.

24. New mama - If anyone could use a few words of encouragement, it's a new mama. Let her know how amazing she is and what a good job she's doing with her new babe.

25. Celebrate a holiday - Many of us send holiday cards or birthday cards, but what about a card for a quieter holiday for an unexpected surprise?

26. Inside joke - Is there anything better than an inside joke between friends? Send a handwritten card with an inside joke so your friend can pull it out whenever they need a good laugh.

27. Love letter - When is the last time you wrote a love letter? Not a cute note inside a Valentine's Day card. I'm talking about an old-fashion, poured-from-the-heart love letter to remind your special someone of just how much they mean to you.

28. Child's play - Ask a child to help you write a letter and include a drawing. Or send a handwritten letter to a niece or a nephew - they will think getting their own mail is the coolest!

29. Don't forget Grandma - Don't let older people in your life be forgotten. You could even write to a stranger in a nursing home. No one will appreciate getting a letter like a grandma.

30. Surprise gift - Add a small surprise inside your letter like pressed flower petals, a sticker, or photo to make it a treasured gift.

If you need some cards to help you take on this 30-day challenge, check out the cards in our shop or our card club subscription box!

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