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5 Reasons to Send Mom a Mother's Day Card

Whether you're a mom yourself or not, I think we can all agree that motherhood is hard. Between the late night feedings, the wiping of dirty mouths (and other places), the chauffeuring to and from activities, there is always is someone or something that needs mom's attention. And this wonderful, superhuman of a woman always comes through.

As a mom, myself, I've experience the joys and tribulations of motherhood. So, in honor of this upcoming Mother's Day, I've curated this very special list of my own top 5 reasons to send mom a Mother's Day card this year. It's an easy way to let mom know just how much you appreciate her and all that she's done for you.

1. She Gave You the Last Bite of Cake

Okay, maybe it was a cookie or brownie, but she was definitely looking forward to that treat and savoring that last bite. But guess what. She loves you more than that delicious sweet treat, and when you wanted it, she gave it to you.

2. You Definitely Threw Up on Her

Now, hopefully this happened when you were a baby. (If not, you owe your mom more than a card.) She was probably exhausted and needed a shower even before it happened. But she wiped off that spit up like it was nothing and then planted a kiss on your sweet head.

3. She Can Make Something Out of Nothing

Like a little fairy godmother, mom could turn an ordinary day into a magical one. At first glance, you and mom were on an ordinary walk to the park. But she could turn it into a tiger hunt through a dangerous jungle.

4. She Read You the Same Story 100 Billion Times

Go on and ask her. I bet she can tell you the exact the book you asked to read over and over and over again. Ask her nicely, and she might even be able to recite it all from memory. (In our house, it was The Very Hungry Caterpillar.)

5. She Wonders If It Was All Enough

As my kids get older and they need me less and less, I worry constantly if it's all enough. Did I give them enough hugs today? Have we talked about stranger danger enough? Did I tell them I love them? Did I give them enough attention. It's a daily struggle and one I don't think will ever stop.

I hope this list made you smile and made you think of a few reasons to shower mom with love this Mother's Day. And let me know what makes your mom special!

If you still need a Mother's Day card, check out these options right here.

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