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6 Reasons to Revive the Lost Art of Letter Writing

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

In this digital age, we have more ways than ever to stay connected, which can be great! In an instant, we can send an email, or a text, hop on Zoom and connect with someone on the other side of our screen. But, if I’m being honest, sometimes the digital world feels lackluster. It can be hard to feel the full depth of connecting with others, leaving us wanting more.

Here are a few reasons to give yourself a digital detox and practice letter writing.

Give the Gift of Time

When you send a handwritten note, your recipient knows that you took extra time to give them something special. They are worth one of the world’s most precious commodities: time. And that feels genuinely immeasurable.

Build Relationships & Deepen Connections

While the digital world has made it easy to stay connected, how much of that is meaningful? Writing a letter forces us to slow down and reflect on our words, forming deeper connections with our loved ones.

Writing Eases Stress

I find the motion of my pen gliding across the paper to be very therapeutic. There is something satisfying about putting my pen on a blank page and finding the rhythm of a handwritten letter.

Personalize Letters with a Creative Touch

There are so many ways to personalize and add a creative touch to your letters. You can use colorful pens, write in cursive, or include a funny doodle. Let your imagination run wild!

You Can Include Small Gifts

Not only is a handwritten letter a gift in itself, but you can include surprises inside your letter. Slip in a photo, drawing, flower petals, a sticker–something unexpected can be a wonderful delight!

Give Tangible Memories

People often hold onto letters they receive. This means their memory can live on even after they're gone. Much like photos, a letter can capture the thoughts and feelings of a loved one.

If you're inspired to revive the lost art of letter writing, check out the 'Just Because' Card Club. This monthly subscription box has everything you need to share cards with your family and friends.

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