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The Art of Letter Writing: How to Create Meaningful Connections Through Snail Mail

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There is something uniquely special about opening up the mailbox and discovering a delightful surprise in the form of a letter. Especially in this digital age where we rely so heavily on email or texting and speed is prioritized above all else. When we are the receiving end of a gift that requires time and for someone to put thought and care into it–we feel truly loved and cared for. 

If you’d love to send more snail mail, I invite you to explore some of my favorite tips and tricks for building a letter-writing habit as well as how to craft personalized cards. Join me on this nostalgic journey as we revive the art of letter writing and spread love through the power of thoughtful words. 


Give the Gift of Your Time 

We’re all busier than ever before. We’re constantly looking for ways to work faster or solutions that save us time. However, the act of sending a handwritten card takes time. So when you take the time to write a letter, it lets your recipient know they are worthy of your very precious and limited time. 

Share a Tangible Gift 

They say, “A handwritten note is a hug you get to keep” and I couldn’t agree more. Sending a greeting card gives your recipient a tangible gift they get to hold onto for days, weeks or sometimes years after. It can serve as a special memory for them to hold on to and revisit whenever they please.  

An Unexpected Surprise 

I don’t know about you but I dread checking the mailbox. It’s usually bills, bank statements, ads, etc.–boring… But, every once in a while, I open up the mailbox to find the delightful surprise of a handwritten notecard from a special family member or friend and it instantly brightens up my day! 



Keep a Card Calendar 

Have a designated calendar and write down the birthdays of family and friends. Check it each month and make note of upcoming birthdays so you can send them birthday cards. Do the same for any important holidays or celebrations (weddings, new baby, etc.) If you need a calendar to keep track of birthdays and special occasions, download my free calendar here

Stock up On Cute Greeting Cards 

There are few things worse than glancing at your calendar and seeing an important birthday has snuck up on you–or has passed! Find a favorite greeting card shop and stock up on cute cards! By keeping cards on hand for those important celebrations that come around every year, you’ll be ahead of the game and ready to send that special card. Don’t forget about stamps!   

Make a List of People Who’d Love to Receive a Card 

You may initially have a few people who come to mind whom you’re likely to send birthday cards to. But who else might enjoy being on the receiving end of a greeting card from you? Perhaps there’s a friend who you’ve been meaning to catch up with but your schedules never align. Perhaps a grandparent or elderly acquaintance would be delighted to have more connections in their life. Once you start thinking outside your regular circle, you’ll quickly come up with a long list of people to share cards with.  

Find a Pen Pal 

Sometimes the best way to stick to a new habit is to go in it with a buddy. Writing a letter to a friend not only can help keep you accountable but it can also be more fun. Finding a friend with whom you can exchange letters back and forth can be a great way to build a letter-writing habit. With each card you receive, you’ll be inspired to send one back–plus you won’t want to be the one to break the streak!  

Add a Personalized Touch 

This is your chance to get creative and have fun! Add a fun doodle to your note, use your favorite pens and markers, and add some washi tape or stickers. Address the envelope with beautiful lettering or pick out a special stamp. These things add a personalized touch that will make your happy mail even more special. 


Greeting cards have the power to convey emotions and sentiments in a way that transcends time and space. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a note to say hello, writing a meaningful greeting card message can make all the difference. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you express your thoughts with heart:

Start with a Personal Greeting 

Begin your message with a warm and personal greeting. Address the recipient by name, and consider using a term of endearment if appropriate. Starting with a personal touch sets the tone for a heartfelt message.

Keep it Short & Sweet 

In the world of greeting cards, brevity is key. Keep your message concise and to the point. A short message is more likely to be read and appreciated, allowing the recipient to absorb your sentiments without feeling overwhelmed.

Tell a Funny Story 

Humor has the magical ability to uplift spirits and create a connection. Share a lighthearted or funny story that resonates with the recipient. A touch of laughter can turn an ordinary greeting into a memorable and joyful experience.

Share a Fond Memory 

Reflect on a cherished memory you share with the recipient. Whether it's a special moment, an inside joke, or a significant milestone, reminiscing together adds depth and personalization to your message.

Be Sincere

Authenticity is the heart of a meaningful message. Be sincere in expressing your emotions and thoughts. Genuine words carry more weight and leave a lasting impact. Avoid clichés and opt for words that truly reflect your feelings.

Express Gratitude  

Take a moment to express gratitude for the person you're writing to. Acknowledge their presence in your life and highlight the positive impact they've had. Gratitude adds warmth and appreciation to your message.

End it with Love

Conclude your message with an expression of love. Whether it's a simple "Love," "Best Wishes," or "Warm Regards," ending on a note of affection leaves the recipient feeling cherished and valued.


National Card and Letter Writing Month, observed annually in April, celebrates the timeless art of handwritten communication. In a digital age dominated by emails and texts, this month encourages individuals to embrace the charm of sending cards and letters. It's a perfect opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, express gratitude, or simply brighten someone's day with a heartfelt note. Taking part in National Card and Letter Writing Month is not only a nostalgic journey but also a chance to rediscover the joy of crafting messages with care and intention. So, dust off those stationery sets, pick up a pen and join us in reviving the tradition of letter writing. Let's spread love, warmth, and the magic of thoughtful words throughout April and beyond. 

If you want to join in on the fun and receive writing prompts during the month of April, sign up here


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