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Surface Pattern Design
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My Style & Story

People always ask artists 'where do you get your inspiration?' For me, that's an easy answer

My mother is a gardener and florist by trade, so we spent summers in the garden pulling weeds, and planting flowers, in awe at the worms or ladybugs we found while digging through the dirt. There was always something waiting to be discovered. Now, I pass on my love for gardening to my daughters. We do our part to protect pollinators by planting native plants and then 'hatching' caterpillars into butterflies every summer. If you've never seen with your own eyes a little unimpressive worm form a chrysalis, and emerge with magnificent wings, you're missing out. Literal magic on earth. So, it's really no surprise flowers make an appearance in most of my designs.  


Another influence on my design is my love for vintage and found objects. One of my favorite things to do is thrifting or antique shopping. There is something so fantastic about coming across an object that is just as beautiful today as it was the day it was made. And if it's patinaed or shows evidence of being well-loved, all the better. A vintage influence shows up in my work that can be described as refined elegance with a dash of whimsy. 

Beauty is more than aesthetics. True beauty comes from living a life that’s true to ourselves. And when your home or personal style doesn’t reflect who you are, your whole world can feel out of sync. Flounce & Flourish’s surface pattern designs add refined elegance with a dash of whimsy to everyday life and help women express their true selves through what they wear, accessorize with, and how they decorate their homes.

Colorful Flowers
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